"...He heals all your diseases and restores your youth."

"He gives his beloved sleep"


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Vicki Herring studied microbiology for over 10 years and as former owner of AG Laboratories, her radio broadcasts are extremely informative concerning the Bible Healing Oils.

All of our products are  therapeutic Bible Oils. They are simple to use, non-toxic with  pleasant smells and no side effect. Powerful!!!  

Christmas "Special"

Our Top 2 Favorites for the season:

The first oil to be mentioned in the bible is Myrrh. It comes on the scene during the story of Joseph in Genisis 37:25 We want you all to know about the Myrrh as Queen Esther used it for 6 months before marrying her sweetheart, the king. Wait until you try this! You will feel like you are the Queen as your skin becomes softer and younger looking. It's called Pot of Gold Beauty Cream. It was in this season, the magi brought the gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh to Mary for the anointing of her "New Born King Jesus". So, our gift to you for the holiday season are two Bible Oils great price and great gifts that work powerfully together. Get your "Christmas Special" today: both (2) Organic Frankincense 5ml and the (2) Myrrh 5ml for $69.00.

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The bible uses the word healing over  over 70 times in the New Testament. One of the Greek word for healing is "therapeuo". It is found at least 40 times.  Read More.